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Ashes Jewellery Display Kit

Ashes Jewellery Display Kit

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This Ashes Jewellery Display Kit is a comprehensive in-store solution for your dollie ashes jewellery. It includes an A4 acrylic board, A5 acrylic display board, grey base board, grey necklace wedge, and sample jewellery, providing an elegant and professional retail presentation. Whether for a store display or window display, this kit will help showcase your jewellery in the best light possible.


1 x Grey base board

1 x grey pendant wedge

1 x acrylic price display A4

1 x acrylic colour sample display A5

2 x Pendant boxes

1 x ring box

1 x small pendant sample

1 x medium pendant sample

1 x large pendnat sample

1 x link bracelet sample

1 x cord bracelet sample

1 x ring sample

10 x ashes order cards

10 x mini ashes bags

10 x ashes care cards




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